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Bay Booking Office - Nelson Bay Port Stephens - Nelson Bays No 1 independent booking office.
Dolphin Watching Cruises - all year round
Quad biking and sand boarding
Kayaking - Tours and Hire
Whale Watching - Season Starts mid May and runs until October
Parasailing - Solo, Tandem or Triple flights
Whale sightseeing cruises - either 1.5hour or 3 hours


Jan 17

Summer is here, weather is great so why not join us on one of our fantastic cruises. Dolphin watching,
Snorkelling, Broughton Island, Parasailing, Jet Skis & Quad Bikes

5th Nov 2016

The whale season is coming to an end on the 12th November . 
We are still getting great sightings, with mothers and their calves in no hurry to head south. The weather this weekend is great so definately worth getting out there before the season ends. 

4th Oct 2016

Very windy here to day, however looking sunny and hot for the next few days :-).

Whales are migrating southwards with their calves so we have had some great sightings. We have 4 boats doing morning and afternoon what are you waiting for.Oh and the Dolphins are here as always if you want to stay in the Bay.

13 Sep 2016

New Years Eve Nelson Bay Sunset and Fireworks Cruise 2016

View the explosive waterfront fireworks display with the best seats in Port Stephens onboard Hinchinbrook Explorer. The ultimate in water views and the best viewing location for the 9:00pm fireworks!

7th September 2016
The nice people over at Moonshadow cruises posted this report - 

This morning we watched 4 Humpbacks near Cabbage Tree Island perform tail lobs and breaches! The seals were out on Cabbage Tree Island enjoying the lovely sunshine and Dolphins were seen coming back in between the headlands. 3 Humpbacks were seen on our afternoon cruise near Boondelbah Island heading North.

30 Aug 2016

Well what has traditionaly been a 'slack time' in the whale watching calender has been far from it this season.

Sightings and activity aplenty, with mothers and calves heading south, lots of breaching, tail slapping and pec slapping amongst the juveniles. Also lots of close up action with whales mugging the boats and just generally hanging around . Not to be left out we are seeing the occasional Minke and pods of Oceanic Dolphins .

15 Aug 2016

What a fantastic start to the week - with the fine weather set to continue until Friday.
The Whales were up close and personal today with all the boats being mugged and the whales in no hurry to move on - great for budding photographers. Not to be outdone the seals made an appearance getting off their rocks for a bit of a swim .  

10 Aug 2016

The weather is looking great over the next couple of days with spring like conditions.Perfect weather for being on the water. Dolphin Watching & Whale watching cruises departing morning & call to book your spot  

30 July 2016

Friday morning was great with lots of action....

All cruise had a great morning on the water with the whales being very active. Things are looking good for the weekend with fine sunny days ahead. So why not come and join the guys from Moonshadow, Tamboi and Imagine for what is shaping up to be a great weekend. Dont forget dolphin watching cruises are still available during the whale watching season.     

Migaloo Update

All our morning whale watching cruises, Imagine, Envision & Moonshadow Explorer saw Migaloo. 
Accompanied by another whale, he spent lots of time on the surface with roughly 4 minute sounding dives. Customers where treated to some great tale displays prior to diving.      

22 July 2016 - Migaloo The White Whale

Migaloo the White Whale, has been spotted just off Boat Harbour this morning.Hopefully the morning whale watches will get a chance to sight this very rare all white humback whale.

17th July 2016

The people over at Moonshadow filed this report about their Sunday cruise....

"The misty rain has not stopped our whale watch aboard the Hinchinbrook Explorer finding a good number of whales this morning. The vessel headed north towards the off shore islands and spotted three different pods of whales with 10 - 12 whales in total. All whales have spent a decent amount of time on the surface of the water with lots of tail lobbing, pec slaps, breaching and rolling about, with a few of the whales swimming quite close to the boat. Our customers were entertained by a pod of oceanic dolphins swimming in front of the vessel, and leaping out of the water. Numbers of seals on Cabbage Tree Island were at ten, with the young seals being very playful on the rocks. Passengers aboard the MV Spirit have found the same pods of whales, the whales have become a bit competitive within the pod, with the males vying for the females attention and chasing each other with the whales tailing slapping, head lunging and breaching too."

Dont forget whilst Whales are the big thing at the moment ( no pun intended ), we are still able to offer 4 Dolphin Watching cruises daily :-)   

14 July 2016

Things are looking good for the weekend, with Friday being the pick of the days.Several boats had (very) close encounters with the Whales today, with 2 boats reporting being  'mugged'. 

8 July 2016

After a week of unsettled weather and cancellations,things are back to normal for the weekend, with all operators running all scheduled cruises. To cope with demand Envision is running an early bird, 9am cruise during the school holidays. So if you fancy a quick 1.5hr high speed whale watch, give us a call. Seats are limited to only 12 passengers per trip.  

May 2016

The Whale watching season is getting underway with the northward migration just starting.
This year we have 4 different boats running Whale Watching from Nelson Bay -  Hinchinbrook Eplorer, Imagine, Spirit of the Bay and Envision.

During this time we are still able to offer Dolphin Watching either on board Moonshadow V or Surprise.

November 2015

Well Whale watching season is nearing an end with most operators stopping in the second week of November :-( . 
However on the bright side that means summer is fast approaching :-) 
As well as Dolphin watching we will see the return of the 2 hr Splash N Slide as well as the Marine Discovery snorkeling adventure.
New for this season we are also able to offer Scooter rentals - so if you have your scooter or motorcycle licence then give us a call  

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